Year: 2017

Getting rid of old stuff

Sometimes we get that feeling that our closet is cluttered up with old stuff. For instance, quite recently, I realized I had way too many pairs of shoes. It was taking me too long to get dressed in the morning, just because I had to find a pair of shoes to wear to work in the middle of all the pairs of shoes I had. I had all my shoes crammed up in a small space inside the closet. Terrible! Those who live in small apartments like me probably know what I mean. Then I made up my mind to get rid of some of the old ones. But then you get that nostalgic feeling, “how can I throw them away? They are still okay..” Then you remember that you bought that pair while traveling abroad.

The solution was simple.. I took a photo of some of the pairs of shoes that actually had a meaning to me so that I could finally get rid of them and at the same time keep a memento.

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