Short bio


Some key events and trips.

1974 born in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

1976 moved to London (UK).

1979 moved back to Porto Alegre (Brazil).

1992 spent my year off in London (UK) and went backpacking around Europe.

1993 started my BA in Modern English at PUCRS and soon after that I started teaching English as a foreign language.

1994 had my first experience teaching in-company English classes and training teachers.

1995 changed jobs and had my first experience with conversation classes.

1996 started preparing students for Cambridge proficiency exams and using computers in English Language Teaching (ELT).

1998 finished my BA in Modern English and went backpacking in US and Canada.

1999 changed jobs, started working at Cultura Inglesa. Became involved with Business English and more interested in Cambridge proficiency exams.

2000 took COTE (Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English, now called ICELT – In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching). Started giving in-company training.

2001 started working as an Oral Examiner in Cambridge proficiency exams (KET and FCE) and took a post-graduation course on Modern English at PUCRS.

2002 became even more involved with the use of computers in ELT and started training the teacher staff of Cultura Inglesa Porto Alegre on how to use computers in ELT.

2003 took CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

2004 changed jobs and met my wife.

2005 changed jobs and went on a long trip around South America. Started blogging. My first EFL/ELT blog was called Learners of English (

2006 started my masters in Applied Linguistics.

2007 started teaching at CESUCA and working for BLS Consultoria. Started giving in-company Business English Training in the metropolitan area and applying TOEIC to measure results. My son Lucas was born.

2008 finished my dissertation and presented it. The research was about the semantic contribution of particles in the overall meaning of Phrasal Verbs. The study involved a thorough research on Cognitive Linguistics and Semantics, as well as the use of Corpus Linguistics tools which helped me collect the data.

2009 took over as Business Training Coordinator at BLS and launched my first podcast (English Language Podcast). Learners of English blog project was discontinued.

2010 gave up the English Language Podcast project.

2011 became an Oral Examiner for CAE and opened my own company (followenglish).

2012 left BLS and became fully focused on developing my own business.

2013 left CESUCA and became an Oral Examiner for PET. My son Leandro was born.

2014 started the followenglish podcast project. Click here to read more about the project.

2015 followenglish podcast reaches 50,000 downloads in 2 years.

2018 became an Oral Examiner for CPE and traveled around Northeastern US.


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