ELT Projects

Here I share some links to projects that I have worked on and also some of my current projects related to my professional experience. Technology is one of my passions and I use many different platforms in my ELT projects. Find below a brief description of my ELT projects.



Working on this new project right now!


My own company’s site! I started followenglish back in May 2011 and have been working on the site and learning a lot about WordPress and Joomla since then. The site provides information about all the training courses and services the company offers.



I started this project in January 2014. My aim is to help people learn English and to share ideas with the ELT community. I have listeners from more than 120 different countries worldwide. Today, the podcast offers three kinds of episode: the regular show, which involves discussions about language learning and different aspects of the language – from grammar to vocabulary, and even culture-related issues; the interviews; and the mixers, which is basically a set of questions answered by 5 or 6 different speakers.



This is a blog I used to keep. The focus was to discuss the advantages of corporate programs and the other services I offer through the company as well as some other ELT/EFL related issues.

  • Virtual followenglish (eFront)


This was an online learning community I started developing. The idea was to offer an opportunity for 24 hours contact with English and interaction with other learners for my company’s clients.

  • Marcos Gazzana English Language and Technology blog (WordPress)


In this blog I used to share ideas and materials which could be used by other EFL teachers and learners. I started this blog back in 2010 as a follow-up to two earlier projects I had. One of them was a regular blog with tips for learners of English (learnersofenglish.blogspot.com/) and the other one was a podcast for teachers and learners of English (englishlanguagepodcast.blogspot.com/). They are both still online, but the projects have been discontinued.

  • CESUCA idiomas Moodle page (Moodle)


A moodle project I used to run to keep my students at CESUCA idiomas engaged. I started it back in 2008 by using plain HTML pages and in 2009 I started using moodle. Unfortunately I had to discontinue the project in February 2013 due to changes in my career.


This was my first followenglish blog. I started it in 2010 – a year after I actually came up with the idea of opening a company. It is still online, though I have removed all posts apart from the first and the last. Now I have my company’s official blog instead.

  • English Language Podcast (Blogger)


As I mentioned above, this used to be a podcast about the English language, both for EFL teachers and learners. I had quite a few visitors, but then I discontinued the project because it was too time-consuming. I used to take a long time to record and edit each episode. Anyway, it was a good experience and the materials are still online.


This was my first ELT blog. I started it back in 2005 and I learned a lot about blogging while I was engaged in the project. In 2009 I kind of stopped posting as I started the “English Language Podcast”, so I started slowing down on the number of posts until I actually stopped in mid-2010.

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