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Sunset in Farol de Santa Marta

Here are some amazing shots I took back in November 2014 in a beach called Farol de Santa Marta. It was pretty much by chance as I was heading back home with some groceries before dinner and I caught this stunning view. Luckily, I had my camera with me so I stopped to enjoy it and take a few shots. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Sunset in Farol de Santa Marta


Sunset in Farol de Santa Marta

Photo on a book cover

Recently I had one of the photos that I keep on my Panoramio profile page chosen to be used on a book cover. The photo is also featured on Google Earth. I took the photo while I was traveling in the Northeast of Brazil with my wife. She saw these trees that kind of hug one another, as if they were two lovers, near some small village on the coast, and we decided to go there and check it out.

Maxaranguape RN Brazil

Couples tie ribbons with their names on the entangled roots as a symbol of eternal love for each other

Exactly 10 years later, I get this email from a writer who is writing a book about marriage and marital relationships asking if he could use my photo. Well, yes!

; )