First home brewing experience

Beginning of August 2020. Bored as hell because of the pandemic, I decided to give it a try. And it worked! The beer tasted so flavorful that I don’t think I will stop brewing any time soon!

Notice the difference in the color as the first one (on the left) is “cleaner”

I basically used 5 liters of water, hops, dry malt extract and Kveik. Ah, and sugar for the carbonation process! That’s it! No cooking, no pans, no complicated process.

Transferring the beer to smaller bottles to start the carbonation process

Sunset in San Gregorio de Polanco

One of the things I like the most about traveling is discovering new places. Nowadays with so many tourists traveling everywhere, it’s not so easy to find a new destination, a place no one has told you about. So, whenever I get the chance to go to a place I have not heard about, I like to take my chances. I keep my expectations down in order not to get frustrated so easily and I search for the bare minimum information not to spoil the experience. And then I go..

Sometimes we are unlucky, but sometimes we are lucky! San Gregorio de Polanco was one of these lucky strikes. A hidden gem.

The boyzzz enjoying the lake

Looking for the right angle

Le grand finale

Getting rid of old stuff

Sometimes we get that feeling that our closet is cluttered up with old stuff. For instance, quite recently, I realized I had way too many pairs of shoes. It was taking me too long to get dressed in the morning, just because I had to find a pair of shoes to wear to work in the middle of all the pairs of shoes I had. I had all my shoes crammed up in a small space inside the closet. Terrible! Those who live in small apartments like me probably know what I mean. Then I made up my mind to get rid of some of the old ones. But then you get that nostalgic feeling, “how can I throw them away? They are still okay..” Then you remember that you bought that pair while traveling abroad.

The solution was simple.. I took a photo of some of the pairs of shoes that actually had a meaning to me so that I could finally get rid of them and at the same time keep a memento.

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